This Jeager-le-Coultre was brought to JL NY in perfect working condition. It was serviced few months earlier in my office. But the client called me from NY on his way to the Island and asked me were he could make sure his watch is water-resistant. I suggested to go to JL NY office. He then forwarded the below estimate for my opinion.
Jeager-Le-Coultre states:

"Our quality control division has determined that this watch will run with the new battery change but will not be water-resistance. In order to make this watch water-resistance it will have to have a complete service of the movement"

There is absolutely no reason to have a Complete Service to do such a test.
JL belong to the same group as Cartier and under the same international servicing policies. Complete service does not exist on quartz JL, the movement is exchange for a factory fresh on!!!!!
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